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Whether via telehealth or socially distant outdoor therapy, 1:1 sessions with me are all about making you comfortable -- and working through your blocks. I meet you where you're at and incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and/or Motivational Interviewing into my work with you.

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Individual Therapy


When we work together to optimize your study and organizational skills, we don't just talk the talk. We implement tangible plans of action so that you feel the difference whether you're prepping for a midterm or mapping out your school/work schedule. 

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Study Skills Coaching


Having spent several years working in and around wilderness therapy programs and therapeutic boarding schools, I have a solid understanding of what young people and their families are going through, whether it's prepping for placement or managing the challenges of returning home and reintegrating with family and society.  Change can be scary, so we'll develop an individualized program for your family together that will set you up for a successful transition.

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Transition Support

$185 per 50-60 minute individual session

$100 per 30 minute session 

$45 per 15 minutes of phone coaching

$30 for transfer of records


I understand that fees can be a barrier. I will provide you a super bill at the end of each month so you can work with your insurance to get maximum reimbursement.

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Fees + Insurance

I offer HIPAA-compliant teletherapy, phone, or socially distant outdoor hikes. My hours are flexible: weekday/evening and weekend. I also offer support between sessions.

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The Wellspring Difference

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